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About Michael McCann

Michael McCann is considered by many of the world's leading architects to be the world's foremost architectural watercolour concept artists.
There are many notable projects in his repertoire, some of which include; The National Capital Planning Commission’s 100 year Master Plan Framework for Washington D.C., “Extending the Legacy”, which was presented to the President of the United States in 1995. He did the concept artwork for Florida's Disney Celebration, and Euro Disney (among many other Disney projects) and helped invision environment for major Universities including Harvard, Duke, and Notre Dame among many others.
Today, McCann continues to use his talent and experience to reach new levels of visual communication in the world of architectural rendering. He brings watercolour to a new level, incorporating new technology while still allowing the viewer to subjectively feel the emotion he portrays in his work. 
In the end, his work is intended to allow the viewer to be apart of his paintings and the architecture being considered by clients and environmental designers around the world. 
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